Who Gets the Blessing?

Recently my 15 year old daughter and two girls who typically comprise the middle school age Sunday School class that I have committed to teaching at our church this year, have visited our local nursing home several times.  We went with the intent to visit, sing, or whatever would be a blessing to the folks who reside there, and we do this on a room to room basis.  We quickly surmised that if there is any interest in socializing at all, then grabbing hymn books out of my shoulder bag and offering to sing together is the best way to go.  Though we may fit in some small talk between songs, often various degrees of hearing impairments and just general stranger anxiety on both sides is overcome by song.  We were surprised at how often the residents knew nearly every word to the hymns, which works well since most cannot see the words on the page anyway.  One elderly woman keeps a guitar under her bed and had us get it out so she could accompany us.  Sometimes the key is right and sometimes…well we try to harmonize with her.  To hear them belt out the songs with exuberance is inspiring, to say the least.  Upon leaving the last room on a recent visit and nearing the turn to head down the last hallway, we heard the two occupants loudly conversing, “I so enjoy when they come, don’t you Ina May?”  …”Yes, I do REALLY enjoy them.”   Smiling the rest of the way to the car, we thought to ourselves…”and we REALLY enjoy them”.  We were the ones with the bigger blessing.


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