How nice it would be if friendship were a more developed practice within the church, yet also outside its walls. And I mean true friendship, which has surely got to be more than arriving at a preplanned social event with a crowd. I don’t believe most adults now days have any energy or desire to do anything extra beyond their workplace or the scheduled church events and myriads of kids sports type events that they attend. That, to me, is “canned” friendship. There’s a place for it for sure, and it is important, but it lacks. Despite the lack, most want to use it to substitute for anything more meaningful. Sure, fellowship can be had, but it’s not the same as a good old fashioned time with a few more intimate friends who would not only naturally update each other over the course of the get together, but would likely show genuine interest and care and particulars that may not be large group worthy could be shared. In the context of such an occasion there would probably be food or dessert and maybe even a game or other form of entertainment though just a good old fashioned chat would go a long way toward encouraging one another. Another avenue of friendship that takes a little effort is the occasional meeting for coffee or something similar. I am glad to see that almost any and all efforts at friendship are an enthusiastic pursuit among young adults, including my adult and near adult children. I am glad they have no difficulty with such relational fellowship. I remember as “young marrieds”, my husband and I had fellowship with friends both in our church activities and outside the walls (usually weekly). What great memories but from many years ago. It doesn’t take too many unsuccessful attempts to discourage me from trying much anymore, but I look back fondly at a few good times in recent years and savor them. Yay for the younger folks and those seasoned persistent folks who haven’t given up on the meaningful practice of fellowship in a society that makes it hard, even within the church. Since the point is fun and encouragement, phone calls (see link below), texts, cards etc. can suffice in a pinch if we can just make a little effort. Just avoid gossip! I keep cards that I believe to be more meaningful in a special shoebox and pull it out once in a while to reminisce. Friendship takes work, but it’s worth it.