Fitness Amid Busyness

I have a to do list going in my mind that would be considered unreasonable even by the Fly Lady.  Trying to get ready for a move from a large home with 12 years of generously accumulated stuff is mind boggling.  And some of my accumulators are not here to “de” accumulate or are legitimately too busy to do so.  Not to say that I have not been a junk collector as well.  But boy is it hard to take a fresh look at stuff that was necessary a few years ago, but has no place in my life now!  And then there’s the cleaning.  Wow, what dust and grime!   I think our lovely wood cook stove, which I will dearly miss, puts me at an unfair disadvantage here.  It has stealthily layered dust everywhere.   Then there’s the yard work….How do weeds manage to grow prolifically when my favorite perennials and even a few shrubs either bit the dust or look like they have been partially incinerated due to the drought!  How does one make all that look pretty before an upcoming appraisal?

Nevertheless, after my initial few minutes communicating with the Lover of my soul and reminding Him of a few promises I am still hanging on to today (won’t be the last time we talk today either!), I am off to set aside all my jobs in order to get some feeling of fitness, which, along with my vitamins and a few cups of coffee, will give me the physical stamina boost I need.

Though I prefer the exhilarating feeling of running, especially on a cool morning, it just isn’t always practical or desirous to take off and leave my family, not to mention the gas issue.  So I may pull the “Walk Slim” DVD out that my sister gave me, or use the treadmill.   The first and last options give me great worship opportunities with the awesome ear buds my son, Caleb, gave me and my beloved nano, my husband,  Tony, gave me along with my favorite worship music, i.e. currently Travis Cottrell and Amy Shreves.   But the walking DVD method becomes a PE class with my daughter, Hannah.  Then Sylvia, (3), who we babysit, can join us if she likes.  Sylvia will, of course, find some opportunity to instruct us during it and that will make one of the highlights of her day.  Bossiness goes hand in hand with three year old girls, I think.  🙂  But as far as exercise methods go,  any physical activity that produces sweat for 20 minutes or so will do the heart and mind good.

Here is a quote from a blog post by Tsh Oxenreider I read yesterday:

My body doesn’t really belong to me anymore, so really, it’s a matter of stewardship, not personal glory. It’s about taking care of these muscles, bones, and this skin on loan to me from my Creator…  But I get up and give it another go, because I’m blessed with two legs that can run, arms that can lift, and a heart that can pound. Exercising regularly isn’t a sure-fire ticket to a long, happy life, disease-free. I know that. But there’s something about moving my body and working up a sweat that increases my overall zest for life. Just as sitting on the couch is a downward spiral for me, so is working out an upward one—I think better, sleep better, love better, and work better, all throughout the day. It’s as though my body is doing what it was created to do.”

Gary Thomas says in ‘Every Body Matters’, “Christians who don’t take their health seriously don’t take their mission seriously.  What we’re really saying is, ‘My life doesn’t really matter.’  But because of the ability of God to work powerfully in any repentant sinners life, every body DOES matter.”

I don’t believe that pursuing fitness is easy or even possible in some seasons in life, so I am not sure if Gary Thomas’ words may be a bit overkill.  But it has become a high priority and worthwhile pursuit after my Christian walk and my family role, and it has myriads of physical and emotional benefits for me.


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