December JoyDare

I love reading Ann Voskamp’s blog, and her book on thankfulness called “1000 Gifts”.   When my daughter, Candace, shared her enthusiasm for the message in the book, it didn’t take me long to catch up with where she is and some other friends she is reading it with and it only follows that I would take the December Advent JoyDare , and blog as she is blogging, along with my kids.  So here goes.


So glad for the coffee table that Candace helped me chalk paint when we had to downsize and give up the big one all the kids had given me for a birthday one year and Jared had made by hand.  But this one works great here in our cozy little living room.   Just in case you wondered, it is rarely bare like this.  It is just too handy for each day’s mess…I mean projects.


What a nice stove Dan and Candace bought before they moved.  It is great to have a sealing oven door and a broiler.   The top heats our daily coffee kettle water, and oh so much food has already been prepared here.


Hannah made a pretty white wreath a year or so ago in art.  It is waiting for it’s magnetized hanger, then on the front door it will go.



I splurged on a jacket for running in cold weather because it has sleeves that halfway cover my hands with slits for my thumbs.  I had to inform my mom in case it ever ended up in her laundry because she sews all rips and sometimes puts interesting patches on, too.   She had already complimented me on my jacket, but, sure enough, had made a mental note that my sleeves needed repair.


I love the bright colored wrapping paper and curly ribbons on the packages.  Hannah went all out with some huge crepe paper bows, too.


An awesome, but not as often as I would like, start to my day is always a glass of bright colored carrot juice, hopefully with an apple or two thrown in.  Mmmm….Cold juice after a run is even better.  Thankful for that Champion juicer, too!



Christmas lights!  Yay, a house with an electrical socket on the front porch.   I also like lamps shining brightly through the windows.


Here are two shiny things I love in one picture:  the watch my kids got me for (I think) a birthday one year, and the ring Jared got me as a goodbye gift before he took off for college.  I used to have a shiny solitaire engagement ring there, but I lost the diamond a second and final time.

So, now I’m caught up.  I hope I can get this done closer to daily the rest of the month!  It is nice to focus on the little (or not so little) things and be thankful.  As Ann said:  “life-changing gratitude does not fasten to a life unless nailed through with one very specific nail at a time.”  It may take me a bunch of nails, but Lord willing and me cooperating, I will nail it.


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