JoyDare December 5



Since I don’t think I even own anything silver, unless it’s a tooth filling or something (which I AM thankful for, but won’t photo journal), I am going to go with “three gifts silver colored”.  I love having a sink I can wash the daily dishes in.  Many people around the world don’t have such luxury.  I went for a whole summer without one while we built our Pine Valley House.  That was not fun and we only carried the water from the front porch barrel (well never mind all the work to get it from spring to there).  The high faucet makes filling buckets possible.  This kitchen masterpiece takes much abuse and disgrace by its very nature and the right side is usually full of my draining dishes, but I just couldn’t bare to leave them in the pic.  This is wonderful convenience, and I am thankful.


I guess this could be three gifts silver all in one pic, but I’ll count it as one.  Coffee making apparatus is some of the most well used and loved stuff in my kitchen.  I think I would become a sleeping type zombie without it.


I am thankful for this little clip lamp Jacob no longer needed when we moved.  It gives me just the cozy light I need in my little chair.  Did I say I like lamps?  🙂


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