December 6 – JoyDare


I didn’t have anything edibly sweet in the house to blog about, and unless it is dark chocolate or nutty chocolate, it isn’t very meaningful to me, anyway.  Here are some sweet things to me:


A few of my favorite things are my running/walking stuff.  My hubby got me this little nano and he and my kids have loaded all sorts of music on it for me.  Who knew that something that tiny could contain a zillion songs divided into a dozen play lists for whatever mood I am in or thing I am doing.  Of course the nano works great in players around my house or even in a tiny one I can take with me to Sunday School class to share with the kids, or to VBS to do the chicken dance, or to the bathroom for a long, hot bath.  The ear buds and little pouch are from my oldest son, and they are so important to me when I run that I will backtrack a few miles if I leave home and forget them.  So far, I am not that marathon runner who likes to listen to heart rhythms, footfalls, etc.  My hat goes off to my good friends who this works for, but I would rather hear music.  And the pouch safely carries my key so I can get back in my car at the point of collapse.  Before this, I used to tie the key to my shoe string or shove it in a pocket, which can be risky, but this works much better.  I love this little ensemble.


This little pillow sports a whole lot of handiwork by a special friend.  It is extremely special, both because of the friendship it represents, the picture it portrays of two friends going to church and the time it had to have taken to cross stitch.  My hand would go numb after the first five stitches.  I will always treasure this sweet gift.


This is a housewarming gift that a friend just brought by yesterday.  It is perfect for my little green and pale blue garden themed home we recently moved into.  And “coincidentally”, she didn’t even know that theme.  But it represents more than just that, while holding the third spot in today’s advent.  It represents acts of deep and needed friendship on a most personal level.   It represents the time a caring friend will take to call, write or, most delightful of all, drop in and chat.  It represents a couple other housewarming gifts that couldn’t be pictured.  There were a couple cards and a check in the mail from a friend.  There was a bottle of wine from our dear daughter and son-in-law, (along with a few other household items), which christened one of our first evenings in our “new” little house.  There were many other thoughtful calls, visits and furnishing helps by our kids who knew the heart ache we covered up (and which they somewhat shared with us) as we moved, and helped coat it all with good times and kind words.   There were a few friends who persisted in calling and putting aside their busy, personal agendas to help us with the overwhelming details of the sweaty, dirty work of cleaning and moving.  I know I have a friend in someone who insisted on cleaning my family’s bathrooms while battling her worst allergy attack of the season.  Though I like this pictured gift very much, this third “gift” really isn’t so much about the gift, itself.  It represents sweetness and thoughtfulness with feet, in a way that bores straight into my heart in a most permanent way, and I am thankful God allows me such loving pleasures.


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