December JoyDare



Pretty striped Christmas wrap is a “gift” for gifts.  Plaids, stripes and paisleys are competing under the tree this year.  I am glad I caught Hallmark’s early bird sale on wrapping paper this year.


Scrapbooking paper makes for great light switch covers.  All you need is a little modge podge, scissors, paper and a screwdriver.


My lightly “striped” (ruched) duvet cover that I FINALLY was able to purchase in the fall from Pottery Barn.  I am not a believer in shopping name brands, necessarily, but I couldn’t find the right color ruched duvet cover anywhere else.  I think I drooled over it for a year and every time I saved up enough money, something came up of more importance.  A special gift!  And now, I can’t wait for the new master bedroom.  Coming soon.


3 thoughts on “December JoyDare

      • haha. I am chuckling about the diet cover. I wondered just for a moment how I diet is worth the wait, and then realized, wait a minute, I don’t diet.
        The switch covers are totally diy by the seat of your pants. Just coat out something close with a slit in the switch part, modge podge and poof. Custom covers.

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