My Valentine


God is so gracious to me to bless me with the perfect man for me.  I have not always walked on the appreciative side of the relationship (not that it has always been a cake walk), but here are some of the reasons why I love my man.

why I love my husband

I love a guy who can take some great childhood examples and some bad ones, mix it all together and put it behind him, blazing his own trail.  My man may not have been taught by fatherly example all that is genteel, but he is willing to start new habits that serve me and the family even now, and that is just awesome!  He was taught many excellent “guy” things by his dad that raised him; and faithfulness, loyalty and much more by his mom.   God knows his back story, and his heart, and they both know mine.  His determination is sweet to me.  I am touched.

Love conquers

I have a man who turned his life over to God early in our marriage and from that point on began putting God’s ways into all his decisions as best he could.  From taking up a whole new unchartered   lifestyle of serving Christ within a local body of believers, to shouldering our finances so I could be home and so much more,  he has been a principled man to the best of his ability.  I am grateful.

cord of three strands

I have a man who is not showy or a people pleaser, but has a heart of compassion.   He continues to strive to do what God would have him do in our family, in our church and with his job.  He has great business sense and skill and managed a small business for many years.   He has my respect.  And though we have had setbacks, times of evaluation and even putting things on hold, or laying them down entirely,  it is because my man will not go forward unsure that he should be somewhere out in front.  When he is confident where God wants him, he will be there, first quietly in his heart and eventually more.   I am impressed.

who my soul loves

I love responses and can get nearly panicky without some feedback of some sort within a reasonable amount of time when trying to communicate with someone.  (Type A personality?  Likely.  I come by it honestly.)   For the life of me, I can’t understand otherwise (not withstanding phone issues, meetings, busy schedules and the like).  Well, guess what?  That is just how my guy is, and he never lets me down (unless we’re in all out marital war – see below).  In fact, as my children can attest, if he can’t reach me, he starts going down the phone list of all of our children who may know where I am.  But that’s ok, cause we are a perfect fit.  :)   I never have to wonder where he’s at.  I have peace.

 glorify God

be the right person

Oh and about that marital war thing, it is rare, but it happens to most of us.  We have weathered some very stressful seasons and not always  proudly.  But by God’s grace, He get’s the glory because we did weather them and learn each time.  Here’s a quote from (In)courage writer,  Angela Nazworth on that subject, “Our marriage experienced illnesses that rattled our faith, emotional pain that rammed us to our knees and losses that ransacked our haven. Not only did life hit us with some unjust blows, we also dealt each other some unscrupulous punches. That’s what human beings sometimes do when life gets gritty. We mess up. We make mistakes. We get angry with each other. We cause unwarranted pain.  My marriage is not and has never been fair, but it is worth fighting for and it does hold beauty that cannot be denied.”   I would never even think of denying the beauty of it.  I am loved by my husband and by a love bigger than us.

two good forgivers

I love the fact that my man is self sacrificing.  With material things he has always put me ahead of him, and despite the fact that I may have less than many others, I rarely think about that, because I am a queen to my guy, and isn’t that what being a wife is all about?    (Well, not really, but it helps.)   We sometimes disagree about joint expenditures of money, (or whether he should throw caution to the wind and be impulsive on occasion like I might).  But at least I know IF he has an extra dime, he is generous with it.  Through the years  each time another child was on the way he chose to trust God for our needs, and I believe God honored him for that and blessed our income each time.  My guy has a generous heart.  I am indulged.



                                 wise woman

         /pin/54817320434769185/ /pin/54817320436596954/

I enjoy a relationship that often reflects the joy I bring into it.  I sometimes don’t feel like being cheery or on top of it, but when I smile into my husband’s eyes and let him know how much I love him, he gives me twice as much back.   And though I may have to exaggerate my attempts for attention (yes, I would do that), my guy never looks elsewhere in the wrong way.  I am blessed.

eyes for you


I love that my husband has a sense of humor and can enjoy mine, even when it’s weird or laced with sarcasm.

giggle of laughs


I love the fact that my husband loves each one of our children with a humble heart.  We have never claimed perfection in parenting, but we think our kids know we love them and consider each of them truly a blessing.  We had so much fun raising them.  We had occasions of tension and failure, maybe more than we should have, but what family doesn’t if they’re honest?   I have a man who will always be there for his kids no matter how old they are or how many mistakes they make (knowing we are all prodigals to a certain extent), and I like that.  Grace and laughter are how I generally sum up our family times.  I am happy.



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