Second Amendment Freedom and Privilege

second amendment

It is a sad day in our show me state if we let some seriously misguided St. Louis representatives and others  get away with sabotaging our freedom to possess most firearms with out being considered “felons”.  Here are some thoughts about the bill written in a post on Missouri Students for Concealed Carry, a facebook group.

“Time to hit the phones!
Yesterday, state Representatives Rory Ellinger (D-86) and Jill Schupp (D-88) introduced House Bill 545, anti-gun legislation that would turn many law-abiding gun owners into felons. HB 545 would ban the possession, sale, transfer or manufacture of certain semi-automatic rifles and magazines that are capable of holding more than ten rounds.

HB 545 contains no grandfather clauses. Therefore, under HB 545, if you are currently in possession of the semi-automatic rifles and magazines outlined in this bill, you will have 90 days from the effective date of this legislation to surrender, destroy or remove these currently lawful items from Missouri. If you fail to do so, you could be charged with a Class C felony if this legislation is passed and enacted into law.

Compelling law-abiding citizens to surrender their firearms and magazines is unconstitutional, wrong and another failed attempt to reduce crime. Criminals—by definition—violate laws, especially gun control laws. They will never surrender their firearms, or comply with any gun control scheme. HB 545 would only affect the lawful, while ignoring the actual problem of violent criminals who misuse firearms.”

gun control

I can’t help wondering what is in it for these big city representatives, and how many of their relatives and friends, not to mention the public they are there to represent, could be hurt and possibly imprisoned with this.  Here is their contact information:

1. Rory Ellinger
(573) 751-4265

2. Jill Schupp
(573) 751-9762

3. Rochelle Gray
(573) 751-5538

4. Margo Mcneil
(573) 751-5365

Thought you might enjoy a link to a you tube post from a  freedom loving representative, Eric Burlison from Springfield, MO.   Thank God we still have some folks who make sense.

A Representative Mike Leara has another thought about what constitutes a felon, and his thoughts happen to be more constitutional, whether or not they are Politically Correct with the newest and most senseless emotional PC current going under the guise of “safety”.  Here is his bill.

Here is a link to find your representatives contact information (zip code box is on the right side of page)  and also a box to click on to follow any bill,  including 545.   And here is a link to purchase “Second Amendment Supporter” bracelets if you are interested.  Please make calls to protect our freedoms and keep our constitution, freedom loving, family and society protecting men out of the jails!  Every call is important.  These people bow to pressure.  They just don’t know who can apply the most pressure.  And most importantly, pray.  Pray for our nation and for our leaders.   To sit idly by and watch our constitution crumble based on distorted, emotional hype is no less than what the Germans did under Hitler.   Our God is bigger.  Our freedom does not rest in a nation, or it’s laws, but it certainly makes raising our families safer and easier.  Let’s unite and get busy before our government is successful in one more giant step toward tyranny.  Won’t you be more at peace for having tried regardless by taking action and not fearing the PC talk?   Let’s hope for success while we’re at it, before the constitution unravels.

hitler and props


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