Deco Mesh Wreath

To make a deco mesh wreath, you will need a flat metal wreath base.  This one measures to a 20″ styrofoam base, but you may want larger, if you want space for a center piece.  I didn’t want to wait on a mail order and couldn’t find a base locally, so I made one from wire, which I don’t recommend.  It was a bit tedious.  Anyway, after you get your base you need to cut a pile of pipe cleaners in half or buy “ties”.  Then position them around a couple of inner rings of the circle.  I used a dot of superglue to hold mine in place to make it easier, but you don’t have to.   If you are ambidextrous, bilaterally symmetrically brained and possibly have three hands, or are just a bit more coordinated than me, you will find glue totally unnecessary.     IMG_6686

Next, put more cut pipe cleaners on two outer rings of the circle, placing them at intervals from where the first ties are.    Since my base only had three rings, I reused the middle ring for my second round of ties, along with the outer ring.  After this is done, grab the start of your wide deco mesh (10-21 or so inches) base color, and tie it down starting anywhere on the inner ring.

IMG_6687Then bend about 6-9″ into a poof and tie down at the next inner circle tie.  I started out around 9″, but had to go back and adjust the outer ring poofs smaller, since my roll ran out.  Continue all the way around the circle and without cutting it, continue on into the outer circle in the same way until completed.


Then take a narrower accent color of deco mesh (or wired ribbon, burlap, etc.), and weave back and forth from inner circle to outer circle tying in place with pipe cleaners as you go.  On this one, I skipped every other tied place on both inner and outer circle, but you can decide what you like best.


After this you can choose a few embellishments.  If your wreath base is large enough, you may want to hang a family letter or other centerpiece in the middle.  My base was not large enough for this, so I just added a few brown pieces into the sides.  I may pick up a little orange to add to it for fall and then replace with something more wintery later on.



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