Steelville Harvest Festival Parade

I am not sure when Steelville began having Harvest Festivals and how much the festivities have evolved over the years, but for as long as I can remember (and I grew up here), it’s been a tradition.   Festivities last a week and include:  car shows, sidewalk sales, barbeques, a community gospel sing (which has graduated from outdoors on the court house lawn years ago, to a fine music theater, a queen pageant, a parade and a rodeo.  Some traditions are just too hard to break and who would want to, anyway?  There’s something sweet about a whole town and more milling around Main Street, visiting, eating, and waiting for the parade even in the sweltering heat!

IMG_6730                                       IMG_6733

You are never too old to snag some candy.  The older ones of us wear shorts with cargo pockets to look more discreet, huh, Brandon?

IMG_6731                      IMG_6735Floats, floats…..

 IMG_6738                     IMG_6742

and more colorful floats!   Churches, organizations, businesses….many have worked on more than one float!  Nice looking elephant, Jacob!

IMG_6745                    IMG_6753

IMG_6755                     IMG_6757

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

IMG_6760                     IMG_6761


      The band sure gets off easy these days.  When I was a band member we had to don heavy suits with tall hats that guaranteed to raise the body temperature 10 degrees.  But we were unmistakably the band!  The other band photograph didn’t show up well because they nearly got lost in the crowd in their white t-shirts.

The  football team that was started because of the  dream of a local pastor a few years ago for the benefit of  young men in the community.



There were queens, and queen contestants, service personnel; i.e. , police cars, firetrucks, ambulances.  There were old cars, spyders….and bringing up the rear, horses and talented equestrians.

IMG_6771                                IMG_6772


4 thoughts on “Steelville Harvest Festival Parade

  1. I have to laugh! I was one of those band directors that required the band to wear their uniform for the parade! Even though I knew my band was hot in their uniforms, they were very distinguishable from other parade members! Our bands always looked sharp and I believe they performed better because they were “dressed up”! I was always very proud of Steelville’s Band and I wanted them to feel proud too! “What’s the best Band? STEELVILLE!!”

  2. Yes, sir, Mr. Craig (haha), now I can call you John. You are so right. We were distinguishable by our amazing band outfits and our red faces, too. You did a great job, and I am proud I was a part. Yay, Steelville!

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