Warm Wednesday Words – Encouraging Words

ok to not be ok

build someone upWhat are the encouraging words you want to hear when you’re having a hard day?  I have days when nothing seems to go right.  I have waltzed into a prayer meeting thinking it was church dinner night, casserole in hand and hungry guest in toll.  I have woken up from a nap in a fog and suddenly realized I was due to have a meal to a family with new twin babies in less than an hour without a single dinner plan formulated.  I have texted an unknown recipient for weeks thinking it was one of my kids.  I have forgotten the minutes for the church business meeting numerous times.  I could list many more bumbling annoyances and catastrophes, but you get the idea and probably have a few of your own.

mad cat

I have been overwrought on occasion by much more horrific pitfalls than self induced trivial embarrassments.  Like most, I have been mired down and burdened by misunderstandings, criticisms, gossip, slander, multiplied tensions, financial hardships, broken relationships, heartaches, troubling addictions and more.

blessings through heartaches

When I am having a bad day or going through a trial, these are some of the words that comfort me most, whether regarding the affliction or not:

“It’s going to be ok.  Maybe not just yet, but I know it will”.

“You have my support.”

“Here, this is for you.” (Anything that implies thoughtfulness).

“I know how you must feel.”

“I like what you’ve done,” or “Good job”, can make any little accomplishment worth the trouble.

While the words don’t need to be perfect, just any kind response speaks love and is far more comforting than the neglectful or disdainful silence of no response at all.  Some of the most poignant “words” to me are the silent words from a knowing smile or a tender hug.

animal hugsSo, back to Holley Gerth’s writing prompt for this week.  What are the encouraging words you want to hear when you’re having a hard day?  Can you think of a place for them in someone’s life this week?



Click on the above link for more posts on encouraging words.  You may like Holley’s devotional,  “If we could have Coffee” and the just released book “You’re Going to be Okay”.  These are books I devour like a medicine to dispel discouragement.


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