Warm Wednesday Words: No Matter What As “His”

be mineNo matter what happens you’re going to be okay if you’re “His”.   As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may see fun “Be Mine” messages everywhere, but the best “Be Mine” message is from Isa. 43:1b and it is, “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.”  Know that to be His trumps all the trials and difficulties that you may find yourself in.

refiner's fire

As “His”, you are not defined by your mistakes.  He is constantly at work to refine you.  As “His” you can count on having your perspective changed  from lies to truths as you seek Him in prayer and the Word.  This leads to constant and refreshing renewal.  As “His”, you can always have hope in a better tomorrow.  As “His” you have a unique story and a purpose that no one else can fulfill.

climb is steepestAs “His”, you are part of a crowd that helps pick you up when you fall down, cheers you on when you’re discouraged or overwhelmed,  prays for you whenever you ask (or even if you don’t), and loves you with the kind of forgiving and forbearing love that can only come from Him.  As “His”, you belong to the One who made you, sees you, knows the number of hairs on your head, plans the best for you,  specializes in bringing down walls around you that are impossibly impenetrable, and deposits a part of His very self in you to do more than you could ever hope to accomplish on your own.

walls of Jericho

This Valentine’s Day if you have never truly made yourself “His”, then I hope you’ll consider the best “Be Mine” offer ever.  If you are already His, delight  in that and feel His arms of comfort around you, because no matter what happens, as “His” you’re going to be ok, maybe not yet, but definitely for eternity.

the one who holds the future



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