Warm Wednesday Words: Gargantuan Gratitude

start with a grateful heartThis week I am expressing thanks to God for a new job.  Since the last of the seven chicks have now graduated from the Pine Valley Home School “nest”, effectively closing that nearly 30 year chapter of our lives, I decided (with the encouragement of my husband) to seek a secretarial/clerical job, which is what I did right up to three days before my first childbirth.   With my “retired business teacher”sister’s help in constructing an appropriate resume, I set out on the quest for a satisfying new venture that might afford us private healthcare and a tad more wiggle room in the budget.  About two weeks after dropping resumes here and there, and preparing to follow up on a couple leads, I got a call from someone I go to church with who runs a family business wondering if I would be interested in a secretarial/clerical job.  I had not made them aware of my job search, assuming the family members continued to cover those positions.  But God had placed the only person at church I had mentioned the job search to in a position to learn otherwise and make some strategic connections.

I am now in my third week of being trained among a sweet multi generation Christian family who continue to grieve and feel the loss, in myriads of practical and emotional ways, of the family patriarch who passed away on Easter Sunday.  In fact our entire church family and community keenly feels the loss of this Godly man.  It is a remarkable blessing that the endearing family matriarch is brought into the office by one of her lovely granddaughters who is now providing live in care for her.  With slow determined steps and a walker this matriarch continues in at least part of the weekday office role she has done for many, many years, despite being  nearly swallowed up in grief from her husband’s recent passing.  She adds her own unique touch of humor and quickly finds empathetical reasons to defend me in any mistakes I make, making me feel like she would’ve done that same thing, even if I know better.  Not that anyone would’ve been critical, mind you.

great work

I know it will be months before I feel confident in some of the tasks I am learning.  Meantime, I am thankful for patient people who enjoy chatting and humor interspersed with productive work.   I have learned three particularly relevant tidbits:  strong magnifiers are a must for zip code directories and phone books, locking the office keys in the office first thing in the morning while stepping out is not wise, and dry wall mud tape is not calculator tape.   Shucks, I had unearthed a gargantuan roll of it, too.  I wonder if we could make it work?



5 thoughts on “Warm Wednesday Words: Gargantuan Gratitude

  1. Right next to you at Holley’s. Thanks for sharing that story. I’m on the look out for provision and your story has encouraged me to trust that God will provide even when I sometimes waver in that faith.

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