Warm Wednesday Words: Reaching for God

spirit lead me

I love to have worship times to reach uninhibited toward God and feel His presence.  When I draw near to Him in worship He is always there making His presence known in intimate ways.  Even when there is a wilderness path to follow, or ocean depths to swim, His presence becomes all the more real when I purpose to reach toward Him calling on His Name, and all the more as the way leads on to rugged terrain and sometimes less traffic.  When the darkness of a tunnel closes in, He carries me through the unknown territory or sends a “stretcher bearer” to pick me up and speak words of encouragement, often with purposeful cheers expressing more belief and confidence in me then I momentarily have in myself.

And then I feel His presence even closer and His compassion and friendship even dearer.  As He sees fit, He brings me to interludes of easier terrain, lighthearted days, and fun times.   But soon the journey resumes. He supplies friends and stretcher bearers as needed, and He, Himself  walks beside and helps shoulder the load, lifting my face to look up to the Hills.  This is the pattern He uses with all His children and it is not our place to judge the path of another Christ follower walking in obedience to the Word, but instead to encourage each other in our different pursuits of Him because we will all have times of both being the encourager and stretcher bearer as well as times of needing encouragement and a stretcher and often even simultaneously.

As Bellarive has written in their song,”The Father’s Heart”, ‘When I am next to Your heart I feel Your love pouring out on me now.  I’m never gonna let You go.  Life a flood rushing in I’m gonna swim in the depths of Your ocean.  I’m never gonna let You go…Heaven come fill this place.  Open the flood gates.  I’m reaching for the rhythm of my Father’s heartbeat.  Shake my soul with the sound.  I feel it right now.  I’m dancing to the rhythm of my Father’s heartbeat beating.  It’s beating just for me.”

Do you have times of reaching toward Him in worship and tuning your heart to the rhythm of His?


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