Warm Wednesday Words: The Grands and the “Girls”


It was a fun evening recently to have the grandchildren gather the eggs.  Candace brought them out for a while on the evening before the trip she and Dan made with Kinsley to Children’s Hospital, which, sadly, would verify Kinsley’s diagnosis of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.

IMG_8591I love the camaraderie our little flock has provided in our family, and the excellent care Tony takes of “the girls”.   We’ve even developed a little network of some family and our neighbors that drop off or send bags or containers of produce scraps for them, which delights them each morning when they rush out to see what treats await them aside from their usual pellets and “scratch”.


IMG_8614Tony built them a total of nine nest boxes and he and Brandon have put up a roomy  roost as well.

IMG_8613There’s just something about gathering eggs….I remember doing this same job on my grandparents farm.


IMG_8598Truxton is adequately amazed at the miracle of eggs!

IMG_8595Sophie holds the basket while Gilly puts in her warm treasure.

IMG_8597Stella seems pleased to provide her egg for the kids!

IMG_8608Oh, if you could hear the prideful cackling of the peak morning egg laying hours!

IMG_8622One of the Delawares gazes with curiosity through the screen door.

IMG_8617Kinsley carries the basket inside, with just a little protest from Gilly.

IMG_8600From being hatched in April until the current month of October, almost all of “the girls” have now begun laying.  These are high protein (fertile) eggs with bright orange yokes.  What an extremely healthy benefit to a fun family hobby.



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