Warm Wednesday Words: Blessings of Coverings

Tonight a significant portion of the United States population is hunkering down getting ready for brutal winter weather tomorrow with below zero temperatures and 25 mile per hour wind gusts.  No doubt, I am not alone in thinking of what might be warm to wear, what to cover my car windshield with in case of moisture, whether the flap on the heated doghouse is in order and if it needs a blanket over it, as well, whether the chickens will nestle down into the hay until they can hardly be seen, and on and on with thoughts of cover and safety.
In my relationship with my husband, I am usually happy to be covered by his care, protection and authority.  Together, we are blessed to be under our Lord’s covering, authority and protection.
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In church, we are blessed to be under the protection of a pastor, who seeks to shepherd the flock under the will and protection of our Lord, Himself, as we also must strive to do individually.  Another covering from being in a local church, as well as other Christian groups, is the blessing of like minded friendships.  Yet another form of covering within the church is that of operating under the guidelines that God gave us for the corporate church setting, in which roles for men and women differ.  I have narrowed down the list of Christian women speakers and writers whom I truly admire to those who make a genuine effort to submit to those New Testament instructions.  Nancy Leigh DeMoss did an excellent radio program on the subject and it is linked here, and very much worth reading.  Like Nancy, I can only try to honor what God has to say about it, and yes, there is a functional,  hierarchy by God’s design in church and marital roles.  It is often as shirked by men as it is usurped by women with too many lackadaisical bystanders blinded especially to the gray areas and cultural trends.
Sometimes we want to throw off our coverings; i.e. the authority in our lives that may not be operating in truth and according to whatever law or guidelines they were meant to.  Or at the very least we may be tempted to not respect them or their position.  The danger is in how easily we can be led down the path of deception here.  But whether or not changes are warranted, or whether we are free to easily make such changes, (and sometimes it may be necessary), being protected under a covering is a blessing.  If, as a woman, I have a few less roles to perform in, I count it as a few extra layers of covering, and I’m blessed.
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2 thoughts on “Warm Wednesday Words: Blessings of Coverings

  1. LaDonna – when I first was saved at the age of 40, I heard our pastor teach on Jesus’s instruction to submit to authority, to submit to your husband. It was the first time that I translated submission as freedom. I truly understood after 13 years of single parenting and working full time and caring for a house and a car and two children. I was not made to carry this load on my own. It simple is outside of my frame. God made me for something different. Something less cumbersome. I no longer had to be in control of everything, in charge of everything. I had a husband now and God instructed me to submit to him. What a relief! What joy! What freedom! Thank you for your timely reminder. I love the truth weaved in your words. Stay warm ❤

    • It really is freedom and blessing. Sad that so many women don’t get that in their relationships in their home and elsewhere. They’ve bought into half-truths and outright lies. I hope you had or get a chance to read the DeMoss link. She covered an unpopular subject with grace and truth. Thanks for commenting, Kelly. You live out your freedom beautifully.

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