Warm Wednesday Words: An UnDivided Heart

Undivided HeartI have many times longed for a personality or “heart” swap, and this week I was privileged to hear a speaker at a ladies event give the key to making that possible.  Though I’ve heard and read it before, it’s simplicity seemed profound at the moment, and I even woke up that night with it on my mind.  It is not possible with my own efforts, such as reading the best self help book, attempting some new resolutions, or even listening to the best sermons or spiritual lessons, though the latter may contain the key.  It is simply, Ask.  Prayerfully, ask in faith, acknowledging my great need and reminding Him of His implied promise in Ps. 86:11.  As Oswald Chambers said, “Our Lord’s making of a disciple is supernatural.  He does not build on any natural capacity at all.”  Whew.  What a relief.  Because what I’d like to become more often then not is not naturally consistent in me.

So what does it mean to have an undivided heart?  The band Casting Crowns referred to a saint with a divided heart as one with dirty hands and a plank in his eye.  Oh how we hate hypocrisy in others, yet we all have at least a little of it from time to time.  I also think a heart division occurs when we make other people or things as important as God.  To have an undivided heart may include putting God in His proper place no matter how it effects the rest of our activity time “pie”.

time chart clockReferring to the matter of going the extra mile from the Sermon on the Mount, Oswald Chambers says, “It is a statement of what will happen in me when Jesus Christ has altered my disposition and put in a disposition like His own.”  Sort of like a memory disc just available for the asking from our Heavenly Father.   A broken heart is another matter that I can actually be thankful for if God can accomplish His purposes through it.   But a divided heart is spiritually dangerous and needs a corrected focus.

BeFua divided heartA healthy heart organ must be hard working and elastic, without divisions and holes.   It’s vessels must be elastic and muscular to carry out the relentless task of pumping blood throughout the body.  I am asking for a monumental Valentine gift from the lover of my soul; i.e. a soft and undivided heart that is daily tuned to His.  There could be no finer gift to have, though it wouldn’t be for keeping, but rather for pumping what He gives back out to others, which, after all, is a fitting use for a heart.

What heart gift would you ask for this Valentine’s Day?



2 thoughts on “Warm Wednesday Words: An UnDivided Heart

  1. LaDonna, I have recently had a similar moment of clarity. How obvious to simply turn to God and ask, but how far from our first response! I recently have been having a different prayer for my heart–asking for healing the broken places that came from Darcy’s death that have crippled me in reaching out to others in friendship and allowing God to fill me with His love and companionship. I hadn’t thought of it as a Valentine’s gift 🙂

    • Linda, thanks for commenting. My heart goes out to you with all you have gone through in the last couple years and with your current trials. I hope that you continue to find new friends in your place and that God fills all the empty places in your heart somehow where Darcy’s friendship was. I know emails aren’t the same as sitting over a cup of coffee, but I do so appreciate our friendship. I continue to keep you and your family and work in prayer. Happy Valentine’s week.

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