Warm Wednesday Words: Truxton Turns Six

 BeFunky_IMG_9276.jpgTruxton Stuart Jacobson occupies a very special spot among the twelve, soon to be thirteen English grandchildren, since he’s so far the only grandson.  Tony (Granddad) bought Truxton’s first gun (a .22 Crickett rifle) the day he was born.  When the sex of his fourth sister (due any day now) was determined by ultrasound, he had a momentary breakdown and declared that he hated girls.  But since then, he has, with some help, reassessed his lot in life and realized it really is very unique, and holding the only boy title has earned him certain advantages, even if certain responsibilities.  Truxton gives 100% or nothing to whatever he puts his hand to.  There’s not much gray area for him.  And loving his family is one of those 100% things, which makes him the most endearing fellow!  There’s just not much unlovable about this little man!

Trux's 2nd blog picHere’s his story…

My favorite food is: All food, except some food isn’t. Hmm… I like donuts, and apple pie with whipped cream. And BLTs with bacon and homemade bread and mayonnaise and butter.

My favorite book is: Tin Tin and Cowboy Sam.

I think the coolest person on earth is: Daddy.


My favorite thing to learn about is: Math

The thing I am most awesome at is: Reading fast.

If I could go anywhere in the world I would go: The Legacy in Branson. Or the beach.

My favorite color is: Green… blue… orange…. I kind of like black. My top favorite is orange.

When I grow up I want to become:  A librarian.

My current favorite song is: The Gummy Bear Song, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and Everyday

Three words I feel best describe me are: Hungry. Human. Toad Lover.

When I was little I used to: Cry a lot.

My favorite season is: Summer

Trux's 4th blog pic

The absolute best thing about camping is: Everything!

The snack I like the best is: Donuts.

One food that I really dislike is: Potatoes.

My best friend is: The Lepich and the Eldredge boys, and Daddy.

If I had one wish it would be: For a Pac-Man Frog.
Trux's 3rd blog pic
My favorite movie is: Pop Eye
My favorite outfit is: I just like wearing clothes.
Trux's last blog pic
My favorite thing to do: Fly my remote control helicopter, read Tin Tin, visit people, and eat.
A favorite memory of mine is: When we went to the beach, and to The Legacy
My favorite animal is: Toads, Hedgehogs, and Bearded Dragons.
Trux's 1st post pic