IMG_7670Other than two entertaining Bostons and an aged cat, our nest is getting close to empty.  A good week is one in which I’ve had a phone call (or even visit) from most of my grown children.  A great week is when I’ve heard from all of them and they are doing good.   Outstanding is when all 25 or more depending on girlfriends, boyfriends, etc. descend under the same roof (or section of sky).  At night, I look forward to some relaxing time with the family (which ever ones are home) and later snuggling with the love of my life.  If hot flashes make that impossible for very long, well, we’ll cross our feet and sleep, anyway.  Sisterly habits from childhood never die.

I am finding more time in my day for hobbies and reading and writing.  Most days it’s fabulous.  So much freedom.  I tackle the day with gusto:  prayer time, working out, planning the day’s meals, chatting over coffee with the last “chick or two”, catching up on emails and facebook, reading books, (Audibles are great) diving into renewal, focusing on new and creative ways to love my faithful man, and even indulging in occasional naps.

Other days I struggle to find my way.  I question my emerging new purpose, dangerously flirt with becoming mired in regrets and losses, and reckon with the pain and frustration of the insidious differences now in little things like getting up from the floor,  reading small print (or any print on some mornings), a different color hair, constant body temperature fluctuations, and nagging wanderings of how the “chicks out of the nest” are all doing.  This is life after 50.

It’s the “other” type days that propel me even more deeply into the Bible for the peace that dispels fear,  coerce me into a deeper trust in my heavenly Father, and motivate me to search for and indulge in warm and mutually supportive friendships.  That is when I am most thankful for my Savior, who doesn’t just save us once for eternity, though that would be enough….”But the Lord is faithful; He will strengthen and guard you from the evil one.”  1 Thessalonians 3:3.  Yes, indeed, though I am undeserving, He is faithful, and I can never say it enough.


Photo credited to Gentlewoood Photography (my daughter).

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