Cozy at Home with Coffee

I love waking up to a day when I don’t have to go anywhere and can read, do chores and sip coffee.  Did I mention coffee?   But first I pray before I ever put my feet over the side of the bed, because I know I am too easily sidetracked.  Very soon after, I find myself in the kitchen flipping on the espresso machine button and starting to heat water in the kettle for French press coffee.

Ahh…a hot latte with steamed milk on a cold morning.  For this I grind a couple coffeespoons of expresso roast beans or dark Sumatra beans.  Can’t get them too bold.  Tamp the finely ground coffee down into the two ounce coffee basket in the coffee filter and attach to espresso machine.   Then I coarsely grind a cup of lighter roasted beans for French pressing.

I put a small glass carafe underneath the espresso filter.  The hot water sends a high pressure stream into the carafe.  I shut if off when it is at a couple ounces and is just starting to turn white with crema.

I pour about a half cup of skimmed milk (my preference) into a coffee cup and give it a head start heating via my microwave.   But the latter is optional.
Then it is steamed until it bubbles and foams.  This is where small disasters are not uncommon, but it is worth it.

And pour the two together.  Beautiful.  Oh and it tastes great, too.  Jacob’s favorite version is espresso over ice and milk.  Come to think of it we all like that version when we’re in a hurry, especially in hot weather.

Flavor only if you are in the mood and can afford to add about 35 calories per pump to your habit.  For those occasions I love putting a half pump of cherry together with a half pump of almond.  Or using a couple drops of my daughter’s friend’s homemade vanilla extract, which is not sweet.

During this process, we are not left coffeeless, because Sylvia keeps her little teapot going and we all must drink from the cups she brings us all throughout the day.  She is quite the server and doesn’t seem to mind us two timing her efforts with our own cup beside the one she gives us.

By now the kettle is whistling, so  I put the coarsely ground coffee  into the French press pot and add hot water to the top.

I add some hot water into the coffee thermal carafe also, just to heat it up and help it keep the coffee hot all day.

Then after the french press pot has brewed  for three minutes, I dump the water out of the thermal carafe, add coffee and put on lid.  Done.  Ready for my Fed Ex man to fill his mug for the day when he stops in on his way through every morning.  Though I would share coffee with anyone, he does happen to be my husband.  🙂

It is also ready for my teens to pour from if they want.  Hannah loves to grab one of these cups and pour coffee even if she leaves half of it.  It just seems to say something like…cozy at home, even while we do our work.

And being cozy and content at home is worth teaching in our too busy society.

Titus 2:5


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